Ladies’ Code returns to their training, but no comeback planned

After eight months since the horrific accident that stole the lives of members EunB and RiSe, the three members of Ladies’ Code have returned to their dorms.

Polaris Entertainment official revealed to Star News that the three members of Ladies’ Code — Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung — returned to living in a dorm together last month located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

He adds, “The members are returning to their day-to-day lives, traveling to and from their dorm and to the practice room. Though we aren’t preparing for a comeback, they are still receiving vocal and choreography lessons.”

In addition to their training, Ashley, Zuny, and Sojung are reportedly still receiving psychological treatment as well as follow-up treatments from their injuries obtained last year.

The representative continued, “Zuny and Sojung live far away and Ashley is from America, so they don’t have a lot of close friends in Seoul. During their spare time, they spend time with each other in their dorm or with company staff. 

As each members are still under psychological care, “Nothing on their comeback has been confirmed yet. We haven’t taken steps to collect songs or choosing a concept. While there are little discussions, it’s very difficult to say if there will be a comeback this year.”

Mr. Park (27), who was the driver of this terrible accident that occurred in September 2014, has met with the bereaved families, reaching an agreement with them, and it was further revealed by multiple entertainment officials on April 26th that he has officially quit his job. After an appeal, Park has been sentenced to a year and two months of jail sentence with required 160 hours of community service, and to complete 40 hours of law-abiding driving classes.

One official revealed that “it seems Park will most likely not return to the entertainment company,” adding that, “Park is suffering from a high psychological trauma from the car accident.”

Source: Star News