Ladies’ Code to reveal their song “Smile Even If It Hurts”

Ladies’ Code is reported to be making a comeback after one year at their commemoration concert on August 22nd.

After almost one year since the tragic accident involving group Ladies’ Code that resulted in death of two members RiSe and Eunb, Ladies’ Code is reported to be revealing their new song on August 22nd during the ‘RiSe & EunB Memorial Concert’ in Tokyo, Japan

This will be their first time stepping up on stage since the accident.  Recording of the song “Smile Even If It Hurts”‘ has been completed with member Sojung participating in the production and writing of the track. However, Ladies’ Code and Polaris Entertainment are unsure whether or not they will continue their promotions with appearances on music programs.

Industry officials revealed that Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny cried and had a hard time preparing for the concert because of the past memories with the other members. But because it is a concert commemorating RiSe and EunB, the members decided to pull all of the strength they had to prepare. It seems that they showed bravery to perform despite the hardships and the pressures of stepping up on stage for the first time after the passing of their members.”

It is reported that Ladies’ Code will be hosting their concert in Japan in order to fulfill RiSe’s previous wish of wanting an independent concert hosted in Japan one day.

Source: Sports Chosun