Ladies’ Code Sojung to officially debut as solo artist

Ladies’ Code Sojung has officially announced that she will be debuting as a solo artist.

This is the first time Sojung has ever released a solo song, despite debuting nearly 4 years ago.

Sojung has released 2 albums with Ladies’ Code since their horrific car accident that claimed the lives of members EunB and RiSe.

She’s remained strong and worked with her other members to continue in the industry, overcoming her fears and struggles.

Polaris Entertainment confirmed the title of Sojung’s song, “우린 왜 이별 하는걸까? (Better than me)” and released a new teaser image.

“Her debut song “Better than me” will be a slow and emotional ballad. Sojung’s captivating voice adds another layer of sadness to the song.”

— Polaris Entertainment

Source: Xportnews