Ladies’ Code to attend private service in memory of EunB’s first death anniversary

To remember the first death anniversary of EunB, it is reported that a private memorial service has been arranged. 

According to Polaris Entertainment on September 3rd, some close family members and acquaintances including the remaining members of Ladies’ Code will be holding a private service to commemorate EunB’s anniversary. It will be held at Skycastle Memorial Park.

A year ago to this date it can be recalled that Ladies’ Code was involved in a car crash with member passing away at the scene of the accident, while member RiSe died four days later. As the entire country and community mounted for their loss, the remaining members continue to commemorate the tragic incident through a number of sincere activities.

Having travelled to Japan for a memorial concert to fulfil RiSe’s wish, Polaris Entertainment and its artists have released its first memoriam single “I’m Fine Thank you” and touching music video in honour of EunB and RiSe.

Source: Newsen