Lady Jane Reveals Her BTS Bias Is Jungkook And Regrets Not Recognizing Him In The Past

If only she had known him sooner!

Singer Lady Jane gained attention for revealing that Jungkook was her bias in BTS.

Recently, she appeared on the Studio FLO YouTube channel for an episode talking about some of the great musicians that shined in Korea.

She revealed that she regrets to this day not knowing the group sooner.

While they discussed BTS’s new track “Dynamite” and the accomplishments it made on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, comedian Lee Yong Jin asked Lady Jane, “Do you have any connection to BTS?”

She replied, “I wasn’t a fan of BTS at first. Previously I went on the show ‘Masked Singer’ and my partner was BTS’s Jungkook.”

She remembers not knowing anything about the group during the filming of that show. “My bias now is Jungkook.”

Later on, she signed up for the fan club and became an official ARMY. “How did I not know him back then? I still regret this to this day.”

The show she is referring to is from MBC’s Masked Singer from 2016 where Lady Jane and Jungkook sang a duet of Ra.D’s “I’m In Love.”

Watch their duet performance below!

Source: xsportsnews