Lai Guanlin Wins Exclusive Contract Dispute Against Cube Entertainment

They ruled in his favor.

The 48th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court held a judgement date of the civil lawsuit that Lai Guanlin filed against Cube Entertainment to confirm that the exclusive contract was non-existent. Lai Guanlin and Cube Entertainment representatives did not attend this hearing.

On this day, the court ruled in favor of Lai Guanlin and stated, “There is no exclusive contract between Lai Guanlin and Cube Entertainment.”

Previously, Lai Guanlin filed a lawsuit against Cube Entertainment after accusing the agency of selling his promotional rights in China to another agency without his consent. 

On the other hand, Lai Guanlin first received attention through Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 and later debuted under Wanna One before returning to China.

Source: star mt

Wanna One

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