Lai Kuan Lin Has Requested For Cube Entertainment To Terminate His Contract

He wants to leave Cube.

Former Wanna One member and Cube Entertainment artist Lai Kuan Lin has requested for his contract to be terminated.

An industry insider reported on the details of the contract termination request.

Lai Kuan Lin sent his notice to Cube Entertainment to cancel his exclusive contract, and is currently conducting his activities independently.

— Insider

Cube Entertainment has confirmed this report is true, and are planning to release a statement in due time.

It is true we have received the certification of contents from Lai Kuan Lin. We will make our official position later.

— Cube Entertainment

It is being reported that Lai Kuan Lin submitting his certification of contents to  Cube Entertainment unilaterally. However, there are questions being raised as the timing of the submission was very sudden, and he has been active on his Instagram as recent as an hour from the writing of this article.

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Lai Kuan Lin was also seen in the recording studio just a couple weeks ago.

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Lai Kuan Lin is now the third Produce 101 Season 2 trainee to have a public dispute with their agency. Kang Daniel is still currently embroiled in a dispute with LM Entertainment, even though his official solo debut is in just one week, on July 25. Samuel is also continuing his legal dispute with Brave Entertainment.

After Lai Kuan Lin concluded promotions with Wanna One, he promoted shortly as a unit group with PENTAGON‘s Wooseok. Recently, he has also been conducting activities in China, appearing in a drama called A little thing called first love.

Source: SPOTV