Lai Kuanlin Discusses How He Deals With Loneliness As A Foreign-Born Idol In South Korea

The interviewer was impressed with his mature answers.

Lai Kuanlin has been known for his natural charm and stunning visuals. Before the second season of Produce 101, he trained six months at Cube Entertainment and managed to become a member of WANNA ONE.

Fans have been in admiration of Kuanlin, who moved to South Korea all by himself when he was only in middle school.

His determination to become a K-Pop idol and to learn the Korean language has won much praise, but fans can’t help but be worried about how difficult it must be for someone to have had to do so much maturing before he was even eighteen.

Recently, Allure Magazine South Korea had the chance to do an interview with Kuanlin.

One of the topics they discussed was Kuanlin’s recent trip back to his hometown in Taiwan.

Kuanlin revealed that because of his busy schedules, he was only able to share a meal with his family members but he was very appreciative of the time he spent and enjoyed seeing his family again.

Leading on from this, Kuanlin was asked whether he found it lonely living in a foreign country.

Kuanlin’s answered that it was fine because this was his own personal decision to move to South Korea. Although he reassured the interviewer, he stated that he doesn’t let his family know about some of his true feelings.

Even if I’m lonely, I won’t tell my family, because it seems like they’ll be unnecessarily worried.

But Kuanlin demonstrated his maturity by pointing out the positive aspects of his life in South Korea. He pointed out that he still had many hyungs who were there to guide him and give him advice.

He specifically mentioned his hyungs in WANNA ONE as well as his Cube Entertainment seniors BTOB and Pentagon.

Many fans are grateful for how many idols are looking out for Kuanlin. Kuanlin has numerous friendships with idols, and was even spotted in EXO’s Baekhyun’s YouTube vlog.

The interviewer asked Kuanlin where his strong mentality comes from, considering how mature his answers had come across.

It’s thanks to various experiences. It’s not just things that I’ve gone through, every moment I’ll try hard to recall the stories that people I’ve met in the past have told me and things I’ve read in classics. I have to take this kind of acting in this kind of situation

It is unimaginable how difficult it can be for Kuanlin and for other foreign idols in K-Pop.

Hence, fans are constantly supporting and praising determined and hard-working idols like Kuanlin, and constantly look up to them as rolemodels.

Although things can be challenging for Kuanlin, he understands the importance of being able to adapt to how complicated and unexpected life can be.

And above this all, he always has the support and guidance of his friends who are there to give him a helping hand when he needs it.

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