Sasaengs Followed Lai Kuanlin So Closely They Literally Stepped On Him

They were way too close and it showed:

The life of an idol isn’t always an easy one. They work extremely hard, push themselves more than anyone, and unfortunately have to deal with sasaengs. And Lai Kuanlin just had his own a run in with sasaengs that was way too close for comfort.


Lai Kuanlin recently finished up his concerts in Japan and was spotted at the airport in Hong Kong. While fans were happy to see him arrive safely, some people got way too excited and decided to crowd around him. A number of people were spotted closely following Lai Kuanlin throughout the airport on his way to his car. Like really closely!


The crowd got so close to him that they went beyond invading his personal space and straight up stepped on him. Videos from the moment show his shoe literally being taken off his foot! His shoe was trapped back with the crowd and his bodyguard even had to retrieve it for him to prevent any more problems with the sasaengs.


Fans noticed that Kuanlin also turned and glared at the person responsible. Despite his reaction though, the sasaengs continued to follow him closely all the way to his van.


The whole experience has been upsetting many fans who have been calling out the people in the crowd for their rude behavior, especially since it caused Kuanlin to react the way he did which they noted was the first time they had ever seen him get upset.


Fans have also been sending reassurances that they don’t blame Kuanlin one bit for getting upset while asking everyone to give their favorite idols some respect and some space so something like this doesn’t happen again in the future.