Lai Kuanlin Opens Up About His Wardrobe Malfunction During 2018 MAMA In Japan

He can now tell what exactly happened.

Back in December 2018, Lai Kuanlin stood on stage for 2018 MAMA in Japan with his Wanna One members. But what he didn’t have planned was to have a major wardrobe malfunction on stage!


Right at the start of their medley performance, Lai Kuanlin’s pants completely ripped in half down his left thigh!


Lai Kuanlin recently appeared on Happy Together 4, where he opened up about his honest reaction to his ripped pants. He explained that his pants ripped because he was given smaller sized pants than his normal outfit.

“We performed at the MAMA award ceremony in Japan last year.

I really wanted to do well, so I went all out. But my outfit that day happened to be a smaller size. My pants ripped.

I had an in-ear on and I even heard my pants pop. It was breezy.”

— Lai Kuanlin


Instead of ripping near the end, it ripped right at the beginning of their performance. He had to bare it for 4 more songs!

“If it ripped near the end, I could have fixed it after coming off stage but it ripped as soon as we started.

We had about 4 songs left to perform.”

— Lai Kuanlin


Lai Kuanlin remembers sending emergency signals to his other members but eventually coming to terms that he had to fix it himself. He didn’t want to be a nuisance to the rest of the group who all worked so hard for this stage.

“First, I was panicking, wondering what I should do. I made eye contact to the hyungs as a signal, but there was nothing we could do. The other members worked really hard for this stage, and they have their own things to do. I had to figure it out by myself.”

— Lai Kuanlin


“I didn’t want to cause the hyungs any trouble.”

— Lai Kuanlin


He confessed that he was worried but decided to dance his best without caring about his ripped pants!


Thanks to his professionalism, Wanna One completed a flawless stage! And a night to remember for all of their fans!


Watch Lai Kuanlin tell the full story below:

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