Lai Kuanlin Sends Warning Message On His Social Media

He warned not to touch “his people”.

On July 25, Lai Kuanlin shared a series of messages on his Instagram warning not to harm “his people”.

He began with a post that read, “Warned.”


It was followed by another post that read, “I will not let it go if you touch my fans, my staff, my family or my people again.”


His last message stated, “One last warning.”


Lai Kuanlin has recently requested his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment to be cancelled but Cube claimed that he had no right as they did not violate any of their contractual agreements.


He later revealed through his lawyer that Cube had sold his promotional rights in China to another agency without his consent and also scheduled him for company-run schedules, also without his consent, which conflicted with his other activities and “damaged” his image in the Chinese broadcast industry.


Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment responded to accusations claiming that they always consulted with Lai Kuanlin about his career and that a third party was trying to pursuade Lai Kuanlin and his family to sign with them instead. They expressed their hopes that an in-dept conversation with Lai Kuanlin and his family could resolve the issue.

Source: Tenasia