Former SM Entertainment Trainee Lami Breaks The Internet With New Update Showing What She Looks Like Today

Spoiler: she’s gorgeous.

Though SMROOKIE‘s Lami (Kim Sung-kyung) did not debut as a K-Pop idol, her popularity is still undoubtedly similar to one.


She posted a new Instagram update on September 10 after over a year of silence. Unlike her previous posts, her first post clearly showcased how she looks now!

Wearing a gray v-neck sweater, Lami took several selfies with her umbrella as the backdrop. The simple setting highlighted her fresh aura and innocent features.

| @bible_030303/Instagram

As a testament to her popularity, the post in question garnered over one hundred thousand likes in less than 48 hours. This was almost half of her follower count of 251,000.

| @bible_030303/Instagram

Community blogs on Korean social media were quick to notice the update and gave her praise. They commented that she was “seriously pretty,” that she had “deer-like visuals that SM Entertainment is known for” and that she “looks this gorgeous despite not being exposed to cameras often.”

| @bible_030303/Instagram

Lami was a child actress who was introduced as a trainee of SM Entertainment on December 10, 2013. Thanks to her sweet personality and visuals, she was loved by the seniors in the company, including Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany.

She was also a prominent member of SMROOKIES, a pre-debut team consisting of the top trainees in SM Entertainment.


Lami was expected to be one of the trainees who would debut in the girl group after Red Velvet. However, when she opened a personal Instagram account in February 2020—several months before aespa debuted in November—it was assumed that she had left the company.

News about her was sparse after she quit her goal of becoming a K-Pop idol. Though she held an Instagram Live in 2021, she has been mostly living out of the spotlight while attending university.

Fortunately for the fans who had followed her since her SMROOKIES days, the update was a blessing!

Source: Pann