Lana from Russia Is Making Her Debut in Korea After 2 Years of Training

You might remember her from all sorts of Korean variety shows.

Korean entertainment agency, HICC Entertainment recently announced that their trainee, Lana, who is originally from Russia, is making her debut as a solo singer.

Ahead of her upcoming debut, Lana appeared on various Korean variety shows such as MBC’s Welcome, First Time in Korea?, JTBC’s Abnormal Summit, and tvN’s Problematic Men where she gained a lot of attention for her stunning beauty.

But that’s not all that Lana has to offer. It’s been reported that she’s been getting such good grades at Sungkyunkwan University that she even received a scholarship in the middle of the semester.

Lana has been training to become an idol since 2 years ago, so there’s a lot of anticipation for what she’ll have to offer in her upcoming debut on June 27.


Source: Insight
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