“I-LAND’s” Ta-ki And K’s Friendship Is Breaking Fans’ Hearts

A plot twist left K, Ta-ki, and viewers devastated.

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The friendship between two kind-hearted I-LAND trainees is leaving viewers in tears.

Like the trainees from Mnet‘s previous K-Pop survival shows, I-LAND‘s competitors are using their dance, vocal, and rap skills to win challenges and, ultimately, debut in a new group. Only 12 of the show’s 23 trainees will debut if, and only if, they can escape from the “Ground” and join the “I-LAND” dorm for good.

In Episode 3, I-LANDers faced off against Grounders to perform BTS‘s “Fire”. With a score of 88, K placed first among the I-LANDers, earning an exemption card that he could use to save himself or another I-LANDer from being sent to the Ground.

But there was a catch. If K used the card, the next I-LANDer in line would automatically be eliminated.

K planned to save his friend Ta-ki with the card, but in a twist of fate, K ended up eliminating Ta-ki instead.

Since Ta-ki was not part of the four “dropouts” selected for elimination, K used his card to save Jungwon instead, not knowing that another I-LANDer would have to take Jungwoon’s place as a dropout. That I-LANDer was Ta-ki.

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When K realized this, he broke down in tears, devasted…

…and pulled Ta-ki into the sweetest hug.

Now, fans are crying their own tears over the boys’ bond, unable to bear seeing Ta-ki go back to the Ground yet again.

Who will debut? Right now, it’s anyone’s guess. Stay tuned for next week’s episode to see which Grounders will join I-LAND, and which I-LANDers will take their place.