“I-LAND’s” Top 6 Trainees Have Been Chosen For The Top 12

These six trainees will move on to Season 2 of the show.

After six episodes of showcasing their talents and fighting their way into I-LAND, the show’s Top 6 trainees have been chosen.

In Episode 5 of Mnet‘s latest K-Pop survival show, I-LAND, 12 “I-LANDers” and 11 “Grounders” were given their last chance to earn a place in the Top 12. Only those who make it into the Top 12 will have a chance to debut.

| Mnet/Viki.com 

Toward the end of the episode, it was announced that six I-LANDers would be eliminated in Episode 6. Three would be eliminated by their fellow I-LANDers, and three would be eliminated by the producers, opening six spots to the trainees stuck at Ground level, where no one has a chance to debut.

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The Top 6 chosen by I-LANDers and the producers are long-time trainee Heesung

…former figure skater Sunghoon

…choreography master K

…the vocalist-dancer Jungwon

…Australian rapper Jake

…and American rapper Jay, who is really not a fan of ghosts.

The six eliminated Grounders have joined the rest of the Grounders to await the results from the “Global Vote”. Now, it’s up to viewers to decide which of the Grounders will take the final six spots and move on to Part 2 of I-LAND.