“The Last Empress” Actress Reveals How She Felt While Getting Buried In Cement

She had to film her character getting buried alive in cement.

Actor Lee Elijah’s character in The Last Empress was threatened by almost being buried alive in cement.


When she was interviewed about how she felt about filming the dangerous scene, she revealed that she hated the scene but had to make sure it was good in one take.

“I hated the cement.

A lot of the cement poured on me all of a sudden, and it had to be shot on one take so I couldn’t make a mistake.”

— Lee Elijah


Thankfully, it wasn’t real cement! It was a mixture of almond flour, flour, ink and water.

“It wasn’t real cement. They created a mixture with some kind of almond.”

— Lee Elijah


Surprisingly, the scene was originally meant to be a threat with ice cold water but the producers changed it to cement to have a more dramatic effect!

“It was originally supposed to be drowning in ice water but it was changed to cement. It was more dramatic thanks to it.”

— Lee Elijah


Thanks to her dedication, she was able to pull off a horrifically realistic scene that peaked the ratings for The Last Empress!

Source: TV Report