The Unconditional Love Late Park Ji Sun Had For Herself Resurfaces Online

“If I could be born again, I’d choose to be born as myself.” — Park Ji Sun

In light of the devastating news of comedienne, Park Ji Sun, and her mother’s passing, a past EBS coverage of her upbringing resurfaced in the online community.


What was for certain was that late Park Ji Sun truly loved herself for who she was.

If I could be born again, I’d choose to be born as myself.

— Park Ji Sun

According to the coverage, late Park Ji Sun was a top student who never dozed off in class and always listened to her parents.

She ultimately made it into Korea University, and while studying for her teacher certification examination, she discovered her love of making her friends laugh.

Just like that, she chased after her dream of making others laugh, and she succeeded as a comedienne.

Late Park Ji Sun was happy on stage, but she was attacked by the public for her appearance.

But she swore to never undergo plastic surgery because she loved herself for who she was.

I’ve never thought of myself as ugly. I think there’s a unique charm to my appearance. There’s only one of a face like mine in this world. I will never get any plastic surgery.

— Park Ji Sun

And she had one dream for herself.

To be happy no matter what.

I’m the happiest when I make people laugh. No matter what choices I make in the future, I’m going to choose the path that will make me happy.

— Park Ji Sun

Source: Insight