Latest elimination from “Unpretty Rapstar 2” has viewers absolutely shocked

In the most recent episode of Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstar – Season 2 episode, viewers were given the surprise of a lifetime as some rappers made a rebound and a permanent elimination had them outraged at the results.

The 8th episode aired on October 30th and featured teamwork rap battles for the semi-battles: Yubin-Jiyoon, Truedy-HeizeHyorin-KittiB, Yezi-Sua, and Kasper-EXY.

On the episode, MC San E revealed to the contestants that three people would not be able to participate in the final mission to win a track on the Unpretty Rapstar 2 compilation album as a result of this teamwork mission. The bottom team would be eliminated from the competition with the second-to last placing teammates to go on a one-on-one rap battle.

In a dramatic reversal, the idol team consisting of Wonder Girls‘ Yubin and 4MINUTE‘s Jeon Jiyoon were nominated as the top team for the night. This is especially a great win for Jiyoon as she was branded with the “Naega Naega Hae (It’s me, me)” hook due to her poor first rap impression in episode 4.

SISTAR‘s Hyorin and KittiB came in 2nd place while Truedy and Heize took 3rd followed by FIESTAR‘s Yezi and YG Entertainment trainee Sua in 4th place. Because they placed last, Kasper and EXY were permanently eliminated from the show. EXY was quoted saying, “This was a good experience,” tearing up at having lost.

Due to coming in 4th, Yezi and Sua competed in a one-on-one rap battle as they fought to survive from elimination. Yezi amazed with her fierce stage while Sua’s touching lyrics touched everyone’s heart, making Yubin, Truedy, and Heize tear up on the show.

Sua was determined the winner by the other contestants to remain on the show while Yezi was permanently eliminated.

However, despite being permanently eliminated this episode, the audience was given the chance to vote between previously eliminated contestants and allow them another chance to continue on in the competition as a wild card. Yezi came in #1 in audience votes, allowing her to continue to the next stage.

Next week on Unpretty Rapstar 2, the semi-final battles continues with Sua vs Yubin, Heize vs Hyorin, KittiB vs Jiyoon, and Truedy vs Yezi.

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Netizen comments from My Daily via Naver:

[+572, -26] Yezi is really cool….

[+519, -37] If Yezi doesn’t appear anymore, then I’m not going to watch it.. You watch this for the rap, what’s with the focus on emotions

[+466, -18] In regards to the talent, it’s definitely Yezi.. Ah.. What fun is there without Yezi

[+435, -29] This seems like a freaking lie. I guess Yezi just really doesn’t have luck after all. Can’t someone who’s really good at rap like Yezi get to be around comfortably? Kids worse than Yezi are comfortable, this is so frustratingㅡㅡ

[+393, -17] Yezi is really cool

Source: X Sports News and My Daily