Latin Boy Band CNCO Disrespect BTS, And Make Fun Of Koreans

It was pretty insensitive and ignorant.

Latin American boy band CNCO was in an interview with iHeartLatino host Enrique Santos, but the interview took a very racist and insensitive turn towards BTS and the Korean language.

Source: Billboard

To be fair, it was the host that first introduced the topic and compared CNCO to BTS, saying that BTS is basically the Korean version of them, to which the boys laughed somewhat awkwardly at.

The racism begins right after that when Enrique says “and the lyrics are great right?” and the CNCO boys start to sing in gibberish, mocking the Korean language.

Enrique then asks them how would “Subeme La Radio” sound in Korean, which isn’t even a CNCO song. The song is Enrique Inglesia‘s song and only features the group.

Another female DJ though steps in and says, instead, how would “Mamita” sound in Korean, which is a CNCO song.

The boys then continue to mock and make fun by singing their song “Mamita” in gibberish, at one point even saying “oppa Gangnam style”, which you can hear at 1:21.

They even go on to sing “I have a pen, I have an apple” which is a song by Japanese comedian Pikotaro (Daimaou Kosaka).