“Apologize To Muslims”: BTS’s RM, BLACKPINK, And Latto Under Fire

Fandoms are fighting.

Netizens want American rapper Latto (also known as Big Latto and formerly known as Mulatto), who previously collaborated with BTS‘s Jungkook, to apologize.

Latto | @Latto/Twitter

It all started with a song posted by BTS’s RM.


On August 16, the BTS leader shared a controversial track from Frank Ocean’s debut studio album, Channel Orange, titled “Bad Religion.” Some lyrics from the chorus have sparked debate over its meaning, with some considering it “Islamophobic.” Others have defended the song, explaining that Ocean is not referring to Islam as a “bad religion” but rather unrequited love.

And you say ‘Allahu Akbar’
I told him, ‘Don’t curse me’
‘Bo Bo, you need prayer’
I guess it couldn’t hurt me
If it brings me to my knees, it’s a bad religion

— Frank Ocean’s “Bad Religion”

Still, many trended “RM APOLOGISE TO MUSLIMS.” Netizens criticized RM for sharing Frank Ocean’s controversial song.

With RM facing backlash, some self-professing ARMYs jumped to his defense. Others attempted to point out that RM was not the only idol to share “Bad Religion” by reposting BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s clip of Frank Ocean’s performance of “Bad Religion” at Coachella with the caption “legendary.” So, some attempted to trend “JISOO APOLOGIZE.”

Some BLINKs defended Jisoo by pointing out that RM is fluent in English while she is not. So, he should have a better understanding of the song’s lyrics.

Nevertheless, nearly all the BLACKPINK members’ names, including Jennie, were soon trending with “APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS.” Even those defending BLACKPINK used the phrases so that the posts would gain attention.

With both “JENNIE APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS” and “namjoon” trending in K-Pop on X (formerly known as Twitter), Latto was trending in Rap. Latto shared a screenshot of her name trending on the app via Instagram Stories.

Self-proclaimed BLINKs found it problematic that Latto would share it with “JENNIE APOLOGIZE TO MUSLIMS” beside her name. They suggested she could have edited it out, so some feel she was intentionally defaming Jennie. Some toxic fans entered Latto’s comment section on Instagram, spamming vomiting emojis, demanding she apologize to Jennie, and more.

On X, netizens began to trend “LATTO APOLOGIZE TO JENNIE.” Many defended Jennie…

…but some criticized Latto. From her appearance to her past problematic Twitter history, nothing was off-limits.


| @LikuSwift13/Twitter

But Latto’s fans came to her defense too. They said that she was simply celebrating her name trending when she had new music releasing. They also trended “LATTO BEST GIRL” and “LATTO IS NOT APOLOGIZING.”

At this time, no artists have responded to any of the controversies.

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