Lauren Jauregui Reveals Her BLACKPINK Bias And Realizes How Close They Were To Meeting At Coachella

They were so close!

BLACKPINK met with a ton of American celebrities when they attended and performed at Coachella in 2019! One singer that fans were hoping to see with the group was singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui.

Cuban-American singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui. | @laurenjauregui/Instagram

Unfortunately, it seems that the artists weren’t able to meet up during Coachella — though some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Jauregui’s arm could be seen in this adorable shot of Jennie with Billie Eilish! Jauregui’s forearm tattoo that says “Angelica,” an homage to her late grandmother, can be seen in the background.

Billie Eilish (left) with Jennie (right). Lauren Jauregui’s arm can be seen in the right side of the photo. | @jennierubyjane/Instagram
Jauregui at a meet-and-greet in 2016. | Twitter

One lucky fan of Jauregui got to speak with her via video chat and surprised her by telling her about her mini cameo in Jennie’s photo.

Fan: Have you met the members of BLACKPINK?

Jauregui: No, I haven’t gotten to meet them yet.

Fan: But you know more or less who they are?

Jauregui: Who they are? Of course! How could I not!

Fan: Because a while ago in 2019, the girls were at Coachella and they were part of the lineup. And Jennie posted a photo and you appear in the back! Your arm and your “Angelica” tattoo showed up.

Jauregui: Wow! […] We were in the same place, but I didn’t see them?! Maybe I didn’t know them yet at that time.

Lisa, Billie EIlish, Jennie, and Rosé at Coachella. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The fan then asked Jauregui if she has a favorite in BLACKPINK, since even though they don’t know each other personally, she expressed that she definitely knows of them. She revealed that her favorite is none other than Lisa!

Fan: Do you have a favorite, or a member you like? If you’re familiar with them.

Jauregui: Of them? I don’t know them like that, but I think Lisa is the one that recently… Yeah, she’s really, really pretty.

Hopefully Lauren Jauregui and Lisa are able to meet up sometime in the future and fans can finally get to see these talented women interact! Check out the video below to hear her talk about BLACKPINK.

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