“Law Of The Jungle” Criticized For Filming at Typhoon-Affected Island, Production Team Responds 

They explained why they kept filming.

SBS released a detailed explanation defending their decision to continue filming for Law Of The Jungle in the Mariana Islands.  


The production crew and cast members flew to the Mariana Islands to film for the latest season of the program. The area, however, was recently hit with a strong typhoon killing at least one person and injuring 133 people.

Photo from the NASA Earth Observatory


Many viewers believed that the decision to film in the neighboring island was insensitive considering the great deal of damage caused by the calamity. A local citizen even commented that they thought it was volunteer organisation that came to help the area at first before realizing it was a filming team setting their base. 


A local official commented on the controversy stating, “Considering the level of damage to Saipan and its neighboring areas, it seems that local residents may feel dissatisified if the broadcast takes place.”

Photo from The Japan Times


SBS, however, released a statement to explain their side.

“We are working hard to avoid any misunderstanding with the locals. The production crew and cast with the relief efforts from November 4th. 

Although the crew considered moving to a different location due to the typhoon, there was a request that it would be helpful to proceed with the filming. Tinian Island has a big tourist industry.

We promised to move our base camp if many residents suffer or complain.”

— SBS Entertainment


SBS plans to air the new season by the end of this year featuring cast members Kim Byungman, Lee Jonghyuk, GOT7’s Yugyeom, Juyeon, Bona and more.  


Source: Yonhap