Netizen Claims “Law Of The Jungle” Faked Lee Yul Em’s Giant Clam Hunting

“The production staff prepared tools to harvest the giant clam.”

A netizen who claims to be a diver shared a long post on an online community arguing that Law of the Jungle most likely faked Lee Yul Em‘s giant clam hunting.

On July 7th, the netizen shared the post, which explained how strict Thailand was on damages to national parks.

Southeast Asia including Thailand strictly punishes damages made to national parks as tourism (in the locations) account for a large amount of profits. Even in the Philippines, Korean or Chinese divers sometimes cause damage and illegally hunt through acquaintances but coast guards arrest them the moment they are caught. Thailand is particularly strict in these matters.

ㅡ Netizen


The netizen continued to explain that Lee Yul Em may have not been aware of the laws but claimed that Kim Byung Man and the staff members could not possibly have been unaware that the behavior was illegal.

Lee Yul Em may be unaware that hunting giant clams are illegal. But Kim Byung Man and the staff members couldn’t possibly have not known that hunting was a big mistake. They are made up of professionals with professional scuba diving certifications. Divers who often go on international tours with teams all know that you should never hunt wildlife life giant clams at national parks and even beginner divers know that this is a rule that must be complied with strictly.

ㅡ Netizen


Moreover, the netizen claimed that it was impossible for Lee Yul Em to have harvested the giant clam free diving and that Kim Byung Man or the staff members most likely used various prepared tools to harvest the clam before handing it to Lee Yul Em to carry it out.

More than anything else, it doesn’t make sense that Lee Yul Em could carry out the giant clam free diving. Incidents in which not only free divers but scuba divers lose their lives after getting their feet stuck in the mouths of giant clams occasionally occur. The cast (Lee Yul Em) diving and easily taking a clam fixed onto the ground that easily is impossible. The production staff prepared tools to harvest the giant clam. They simply filmed Lee Yul Em carrying out (the giant clam) that a staff member with a diving certification or Kim Byung Man had already harvested.

ㅡ Netizen


After Law of the Jungle aired the broadcast which showed Lee Yul Em carrying out the giant clam, the chief of Hat Chao Mai National Park announced that he had filed police charges against the actress. She is subject to a 20,000 THB ($650 USD) fine and up to 5 years in prison according to local laws.


Many netizens have been expressing that it is the program that should be taking responsibility, with some even filing Blue House petitions requesting the government to exempt Lee Yul Em from her charges and punish Law of the Jungle‘s production staff instead.


Source: TV Report