“Law of The Jungle” PDs Name Ong Seongwoo and Ha Sungwoon as Most Active Idol Guests Ever

“They didn’t care about the cameras and did their very best.”

Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon and Ong Seongwoo were highly praised by Law of the Jungle producers and fellow castmates for their sheer effort and hard work during their trip to Sabah, Malaysia.


Producers Min Seon Hong and Ryu Seung Ho stated that they were arguably the most active and involved idols that have ever guested on Law of the Jungle.

They were also praised for their commitment to preparing for the show, as they underwent deep-sea diving training as well.

“I was surprised that the Wanna One members even did deep-sea diving training. Though it’s something you cannot master in a short period of time, they did their best to prepare. They used this skill in the jungle and held nothing back.”

— Producers Min Seon Hong and Ryu Seung Ho


Fellow castmate & actress Park Sol Mi also expressed her admiration for Ha Sungwoon and Ong Seongwoo.

“It was my first time seeing idols, but they worked so hard and they were very nice and polite. After seeing them in person, I became even more of their fan.”

— Park Sol Mi 


Tribe leader and only fixed member of the show, Kim Byung Man said that the two Wanna One members worked hard in diving, fishing, and gathering — despite fighting with the weather conditions, as the humidity index was at 90%.

“The lead character of the Sabah episodes was Wanna One.”

— Kim Byung Man 


Karma was on their side as the producers noted that luck followed the two during their time in Sabah while diving and fishing.

They noted that during the second day of filming especially, the two hard carried the show.


The producers also praised the fact that Seongwoo and Sungwoon genuinely enjoyed their time away from their busy schedules in the jungle.

“There have been many cases in which guests wanted to catch fish in order to take care of their screen time, but the two worked hard so that they could catch enough to feed all the members. They didn’t care about the cameras and did their very best.”

— Producer Ryu Seung Ho 

Source: Herald Pop and YTN

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