“Law Of The Jungle” Accused Of Hunting Endangered Species In Thailand, SBS Responds

The species was also allegedly a national treasure.

SBS‘s Law of the Jungle has recently been accused of hunting and eating an endangered species of clam that is also a national treasure of Thailand.

A Thai media outlet reported that a Korean program had broadcasted a scene in which they hunted giant clams and explained that the species in question was labeled a rare animal by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and that hunting endangered aquatic animals through fishing or on boats were prohibited.


Along with the broadcast, it was revealed that locals had filed a complaint against Law of the Jungle with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.


On June 29th’s episode of the program, actress Lee Yul Em goes on her first sea hunting adventure and succeeds in capturing a giant clam after multiple attempts. The subtitles revealed that they caught 3 of these giant clams in total.


The preview for the upcoming episode also showed clips of the cast members eating the clams.


In response to the controversy, SBS has announced that the program was filmed in compliance with the guidelines of the public organizations and that there was no issue with the filming.

The Law of the Jungle team filmed in compliance with the guidelines of the local public organizations (film board, national park) under their approval. Moreover, local filming is always accompanied by a local coordinator. Filming was conducted under guidelines so there is no issue and also no illegal matters involved.


Source: Korea Economy and Spotvnews