“Law Of The Jungle” Will Be Filmed In Palawan And Filipinos Are Freaking Out

Kim Jaehwan will be a guest on the show.

Filipino K-Pop fans are excited for more stars to visit the country!

It was revealed on January 8 that Law of the Jungle will be filmed in the beautiful Philippine island of Palawan.


Celebrities such as Kim Jaehwan, Lovelyz‘s Yein, Cosmic GirlsDayoung, volleyball player Kim Yohan, former football player Lee Youngpyo, and Woo Jiwon will join the cast.


Fans were ecstatic as soon as the news was released, happy that the stars will be stepping foot in the country.


Palawan being their destination was another major plus.


They can already see their idols in battle form for the jungle.


Pinoys only wish that the celebrities will not take advantage of the abundant wildlife and nature in the island.


They can’t wait for the show to air, however!


The group will depart in mid-January and the episode will be aired in March. This is not the first time the show will fly to the Philippines as filming in Palawan was done in 2012 and Mindoro in 2013.

Law of the Jungle (2013)


SBS‘s Law of the Jungle is a reality-documentary show that depicts the various ways celebrities try to survive in remote locations around the world.


Source: Daum