LE SSERAFIM Release The Tracklist For “ANTIFRAGILE” And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier About The Credits

“My girls are so talented!”

LE SSERAFIM are slated to release their first comeback album, ANTIFRAGILE, on October 17. In preparation for the highly-anticipated comeback, LE SSERAFIM have released a dynamic, cinematic trailer.


Along with three sets of concept photos that show off the members’ impressive duality and effortless visuals.


LE SSERAFIM have also released mood samplers for the upcoming mini album and the tracklist.


From the tracklist alone, fans already understand Yunjin‘s savage spoiler of a “no skip album.”

Especially since fans were ecstatic to realize that both Yunjin and Sakura had been credited as lyricists on the tracklist, with both idols credited for working on “Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am).”

Sakura | @SOURCEMUSIC/Twitter

And Yunjin is also credited as a lyricist for “Impurities” and “No Celestial.”

Yunjin | @SOURCEMUSIC/Twitter

The fact that LE SSERAFIM were allowed to contribute to their comeback isn’t surprising since Chaewon worked on “FEARLESS” and explained that the members were encouraged to try and write lyrics for the different tracks.

The label opened up participation in writing the lyrics and melody for every song to us members and adopted a system of choosing our contributions blindly.

— Chaewon

Chaewon | @SOURCEMUSIC/Twitter

Given Sakura’s credited work as a member of IZ*ONE and Yunjin’s proven aptitude for writing her own songs, fans were incredibly proud to see the credits.

Especially since LE SSERAFIM’s recently released documentary showed just how much Sakura and Yunjin had to overcome to debut as a part of LE SSERAFIM.

You can watch the ANTIFRAGILE trailer here.


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