Chaewon Spills On Why Her Friends Were Surprised After Watching LE SSERAFIM’s Documentary

Her friends didn’t expect to see that side of the idol.

LE SSERAFIM Chaewon‘s future debut plans after IZ*ONE‘s disbandment were highly anticipated. Fans were largely kept in the dark on Chaewon’s future plans as she prepared for her debut with LE SSERAFIM, and her recent interview with Weverse Magazine showed fans weren’t the only ones who weren’t fully aware of her experience as a trainee.


LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon debuted with IZ*ONE in 2018 and won hearts with her charismatic performances, easily adapting her image to suit different concepts. She had an undeniable stage presence and standout vocals showcased even more in her position with LE SSERAFIM.

Chaewon in IZ*ONE

In September, a four-episode documentary about LE SSERAFIM’s formation, training, and debut was released, entitled The World Is My Oyster.

The documentary notably showed how hard the members worked in the dance practice studio as they tirelessly practiced to synchronize their dancing and deliver a powerful performance. The high emotions took their toll on the members, but they maintained their drive to want to succeed.


The documentary also showed how cut-throat the debut process was, exposing the unstable reality of being a trainee, even when a trainee is picked for the debut team. This was especially evident after the documentary revealed trainee Haruka getting cut from the debut team.

While fans were surprised at the fateful journey LE SSERAFIM went through to be able to debut, Chaewon’s friends were also surprised at the extent of Chaewon’s training with Source Music, considering she was previously a trainee Woollim Entertainment.

I actually got a lot of people reaching out to me after that came out. I don’t think they knew how much was going on after I said I was working with a new label.

When Chaewon received the call from HYBE Labels about joining their subsidiary Source Music, she had no hesitations in accepting the offer.

She hoped to show a different side of herself, a newer and better version of Chaewon.

Her friends didn’t expect the changes she underwent, and many messaged her applauding her hard work.

I don’t think they realized I started from the very beginning, doing training and all the basics as a trainee. I got a lot of messages saying they were surprised and telling me “you sure worked hard.” And saying they’re proud of me.

Check out the article below for more on Chaewon’s about returning to training after her successful IZ*ONE debut.

LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Spills On How She Really Felt About Going Back To Being A Trainee Before Making Her Second Debut With LE SSERAFIM

Source: Weverse Magazine