What LE SSERAFIM’S Group Dynamic Is Like Even With The Members’ Age Gaps, According To Chaewon

There’s nearly a decade difference between the oldest and youngest members.

Source Music and HYBE‘s 6-member girl group LE SSERAFIM is a group made up of talented and beautiful members. However, there is a notable age and experience gap between the girls.


Sakura (1998) and Chaewon (2000) were both members of the popular project group IZ*ONE.



Yunjin (2001) was a contestant on the survival show Produce 48 and a former trainee of Pledis Entertainment.


Kazuha (2003) was a professional ballet dancer who lived in The Netherlands from 2020 to 2021 to study the dance form.


In comparison, Garam (2005) and Eunchae (2006), the youngest members, are taking their first steps into the entertainment scene with their LE SSERAFIM debut.



In an interview with Weverse Magazine, leader Chaewon opened up about how she went beyond her comfort zone to get closer to the younger members. She wanted them to feel comfortable, especially knowing that they could be struggling.

I’m a really shy person, so I’m not someone who tries to talk to others first, but I also realized that maybe the younger members might have a hard time. I made a serious effort to try and be the one to approach them first and get close to them in my own way.

— Chaewon

By practicing together every single day and overcoming the same difficulties, they became good friends. Chaewon simply wants to take good care of her members, knowing that with time, their bond will only grow stronger.

We practice together all day, every day, and go through this and that together, and because of that, I want to take better care of them more and more. I can’t wait for my love for our group and the other members to grow even more. (laughs)

— Chaewon

Chaewon also described what their work environment is like even with a difference in experience, personalities, ages, and backgrounds. Instead of fostering an awkward and unequal environment, the members try their best to help each other by giving feedback and sharing their ideas.

Concluding, she called them “so kind” and praised how natural everything has been so far.

Zuha used to be a ballet dancer and Kkura has already been working for 10 years now, but there are other members who are still young and just starting out—they’re still sprouting. (laughs) We all have very different personalities, ages and backgrounds, but we didn’t really have to try too hard to become a team.

It’s an environment where we try to help each other out with everything, and practice is really easy-going since we’re free to give feedback and ideas where it’s needed without worrying about seniority. I think it was a very natural process since we were only ever thinking about the group. Everyone is so kind.

— Chaewon

Apart from discussing their group dynamic, Chaewon also revealed that she and Sakura only became close when they joined HYBE together. Learn why in the article below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine