LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Is Going Viral After Having Her Curlers “Snatched” From Her Hair By The Most Unexpected Person

It definitely looks like it would hurt!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon is going viral for the most unexpected reason, and it’s all because of her adorable dog!

LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon | @_chaechae_1/Instagram

Since making her debut in K-Pop way back in 2018 with IZ*ONE and then with LE SSERAFIM, Chaewon has always gained attention for her talent and visuals, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to go viral.

Yet, this time the idol is going viral all because of her dog!

On July 30, Chaewon posted a new vlog on YouTube, and it was filmed after finishing a schedule. As soon as the video started, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Chaewon introduced everyone to her adorable dog called Shiro.

Despite his adorable looks, Shiro’s chaotic behavior quickly became apparent throughout the video, but his cuteness definitely had everyone in awe.

At one point, Chaewon was playing ball with Shiro…

And already fans couldn’t hide their laughter when the ball was put in Chaewon’s hood, and Shiro wasn’t afraid to walk on her to retrieve it.

Yet, the moment that went viral only came shortly after. Chaewon was relaxing in her house with a hair curler in to shape her fringe as she called for Shiro.

As soon as his name was called, the dog jumped over and hilariously bit the curler out of Chaewon’s hair, causing the idol to let out a scream.

When the video was released, it quickly went viral on social media, with netizens LOL’ing about Shiro suddenly snatching Chaewon’s curlers and then leaving without a care in the world.

It even made it to the iconic “Best Thing That Happened in K-Pop” account…



shes such a cutie :333 #fyp #chaewon #lesserafim #shiro #fearnot #kpopfyp #unforgiven #gowon_z

♬ original sound – ruby

In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over the hilarious moment and just how iconic Chaewon’s reaction was.

As always, there’s a reason netizens love seeing idols interact with their pets because it creates some iconic moments that will go down in K-Pop history.



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