LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon And Yunjin Admit The Members Were Awkward Around Each Other—Here’s How It Changed

They were completely honest.

The LE SSERAFIM members may be great friends now who easily joke around with each other and get along well, but they weren’t always like that.


Yunjin and Chaewon reflected on their relationship during their trainee days last year in a recent vlog where they had a one-on-one date.

Chaewon (left) and Yunjin (right) | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

As they ate a scrumptious meal, Yunjin nostalgically remembered the days they used to practice their debut song “FEARLESS” before it was released to the public.


I didn’t think the time would come when we were still trainees practicing ‘FEARLESS’ since last year,” she said.

Chaewon immediately remembered that time in their lives. She distinctly recalled how hard they worked to learn the “FEARLESS” choreography and record the entire song.

According to the former IZ*ONE singer, it was so important to her, it was her top priority and the only thing she could think about.

How did we do it? We worked really hard. I didn’t think about anything else except ‘FEARLESS’ choreo practice, recording… Those were the only things I focused on at that time.

— Chaewon

Agreeing, Yunjin admitted that she no longer feels pressured since they are now closer to each other. The pressure may have been caused by her desire to do well and to not let her members down.

But now, we’re closer, so I don’t feel that much pressure. We all work together now.

— Yunjin

Upon hearing that, Chaewon reflected on their group’s relationship. She used to believe that they were close to each other, but after spending more time together and getting to know each other more, she recognizes that they were still awkward around each other last year.

But that’s all in the past! They’re now so close that she has utmost trust in them and is fully confident that they will succeed.

And at first, I thought we were close. But now that we’re really close, I think we were awkward around each other back then. So now I feel the pressure, but we have each other, so I feel confident. We’re close and trust each other now. I have so much confidence that we’ll be amazing.

— Chaewon

It seems like the girls have reached the point where they are completely comfortable around each other, so it’s no surprise that their group dynamic is obviously stronger than ever!


Watch the full vlog below.

Source: YouTube