LE SSERAFIM Earn Praise For Singing Live At “Coachella 2024” Despite Previous Encore Controversy

“LE SSERAFIM had something to prove…”

Have LE SSERAFIM managed to turn the tide of public opinion on their vocals with their Coachella performance? While that’s yet to be proven true, the quintet is gaining plenty of praise on X (formerly known as Twitter), as several posts regarding their live singing are going viral.

lsrm coachella
| @le_sserafim/X (formerly known as Twitter)

For weeks, the group has been under scrutiny due to fierce criticism from netizens about their live singing. The “scandal” started when the members failed to impress during an encore performance after a music show win with their most recent title track, “Easy.” Most notably, it was Sakura who faced significant backlash, with many questioning the group’s vocal abilities.

Despite these challenges, LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella set could mark a significant rebound as some fans claim the group has finally proved the critics wrong. International fans have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to praise the quintet for their live performance and point out all the improvements they noticed in several viral clips.

Chaewon, in particular, was the focus of many posts as her vocals impressed throughout the entire set. Songs like “Unforgiven,” “Perfect Night,” and “Fire In The Belly” were the perfect opportunity for Chaewon to steal the spotlight with her high notes and stable singing.

Yunjin was also noted for her vocal prowess, which contributed to the group’s strong vocal showing. Fan-favorite song “The Great Mermaid” was a highlight, where the group’s improved vocal skills were particularly evident, helping to solidify their reputation as capable live performers.

The overwhelming praise from international fans is a noteworthy shift in perception following their earlier criticisms in South Korea. The positive feedback serves not only as a comeback from their previous setbacks but also as an affirmation of their ongoing improvements and efforts to refine their work as K-Pop idols.

LE SSERAFIM’s exciting Coachella debut set served as a great opportunity to put the group on the map of many international music lovers. It also dispelled doubts about their singing capabilities among overseas K-Pop fans. The quintet has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for their future performances.


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