LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Surprises Fans With Her New Hairstyle, Somehow Becoming Even Cuter

“ANTIFRAGILE” is coming!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae has always stolen netizens’ hearts with her visuals and endless charms.

Eunchae | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

Some fans even believed she had started to enter her legendary visual phase after one stunning performance.

But recently, the idol shocked fans by revealing that she’d made a surprise change to her appearance, uploading a picture to Weverse of her new bangs.

Before stunning fans attending the annual Yonsei University festival AKARAKA with her surprise new hairstyle.

Fans were shocked by how Eunchae looked even cuter with her new hairstyle.

Especially close up, Eunchae’s visuals don’t disappoint.

Eunchae also clearly loves her new look, uploading many pictures for fans.

But, given that fans got to see LE SSERAFIM perform live and only Eunchae’s hairstyle had changed, they are curious if the other members will also be changing their hair for their upcoming comeback ANTIFRAGILE.

But regardless, Eunchae looks amazing, and fans are definitely excited for the upcoming comeback.