LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Opens Up About Feeling “Unsatisfied” With Her Dance Challenge With BTS’s J-Hope

Here’s why she thinks so.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Eunchae bared her heart in a solo interview with Weverse Magazine. She was honest about a variety of topics, including the doubts and insecurities she faced throughout the years.

One of the most recent ones she remembered was related to BTS‘s J-Hope. Last March, the two HYBE artists teamed up to promote the latter’s song “on the street” (featuring J.Cole).

They planned to do a unique set-up that they had yet to try—dancing on a treadmill.

Though the speed was set to a walking pace and Eunchae was already familiar with the moves of the chorus, she had a difficult time perfecting it when the camera started rolling. This stressed her out, considering that J-Hope is one of her idols.

I practiced a lot for the ‘on the street’ challenge, but I wasn’t used to performing on a treadmill, so I couldn’t really do it right.

— Eunchae

She and the BTS member re-recorded the challenge multiple times. Eunchae admitted that she still thinks of her mistakes even months after filming was over.

To be honest, I’m still not perfectly satisfied with how it turned out.

— Eunchae

Luckily, J-Hope was understanding and patient, gently saying they could film the challenge as many times as the younger K-Pop idol wanted.

But thanks to J-Hope who said, ‘Should we do it one more time? I don’t mind, really,’ I was able to do it several more times. I’m really grateful.

— Eunchae

Their final output was received positively by fans. Check it out below!


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