LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Gets Real About The Reason She Felt Embarrassed When Filming HYBE’s “The Game Caterers 2” Episode

She was as honest as can be.

LE SSERAFIM‘s maknae Eunchae recently opened up about a variety of topics in a solo interview with Weverse Magazine.


Besides the new ANTIFRAGILE album, her relationship with her fellow members, and her fear of ghosts, she also looked back on some of her key memories as a rookie singer so far.

One of the most memorable schedules she had was when the HYBE family appeared on The Game Caterers 2 together. ENHYPEN, TXT, fromis_9, Baekho, Minhyun, Lee Hyun, SEVENTEEN, and LE SSERAFIM all participated in challenges and games together for the first time.

Eunchae’s time to shine came in the third episode during the random play dance segment. She was one of the last three survivors alongside TXT’s Soobin and fromis_9’s Seoyeon.

Eunchae confessed to feeling embarrassed during this shooting. She was conscious about the fact that she was a rookie performing in front of numerous artists she looks up to.

There were so many people there and everyone had been an idol longer than me, so having to dance all the way to the end was hard and honestly embarrassing.

— Eunchae

Still, she pushed herself to do well despite the discomfort. The LE SSERAFIM maknae actually did not think she would be able to reach the end, but she did!

But I kept dancing because I knew the songs so I figured I should. I thought our group wouldn’t be great at the game and played along without thinking but I ended up knowing all the dances! I discovered another one of my talents that day.

— Eunchae

When asked for the secret to why she’s so good at the game, Eunchae replied that it was a mix of experience, luck, and the effects of her training kicking in. The debut song of Girls’ Generation, for instance, is a must-learn dance for female trainees and thus something she knew well.

In case of ‘Into the New World,’ you have to dance to that song so often as a trainee that people say it’s in the constitution, so I knew it well.

— Eunchae

The producers and cast of the show were especially surprised that she knew H.O.T‘s iconic song “Candy” since it was released in 1996, a full ten years before she was born. It turned out that Eunchae was able to pass that round thanks to her fellow member and Yeonjun from TXT.

And I didn’t even know the song ‘Candy,’ but Chaewon was in front of me and giving me hints, and I copied Yeonjun after that. When Chaewon showed me the key moves, I was like, ‘Got it!’ and I copied those.

There were also a lot of people when the game started and I could see Yeonjun, so I could copy him or just move out of the way a little.

— Eunchae

At the end of the day, however, it can be said that Eunchae is also born with a natural talent when it comes to memorizing K-Pop dances. She had no reason to be embarrassed, and her seniors thought so too as evidenced by their awed expressions when she executed each choreography!

Luckily I knew a bunch of the songs that played toward the end.

— Eunchae

Check out the full episode in question below.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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