LE SSERAFIM Fans Have Divided Opinions Over The Line Distribution For “UNFORGIVEN”

Some think they’re fair, while others definitely don’t agree.

On May 1, LE SSERAFIM released their highly anticipated first full-length studio album, UNFORGIVEN, with a title track of the same name.

The members look incredible in the music video, flaunting their toned abs, captivating charisma, and overall charm.

However, the song itself has been receiving mixed reviews, with some fans feeling like the line distribution for “UNFORGIVEN” is odd, if not downright unfair.

Though the members have less defined positions than some other groups, Yunjin and Chaewon are generally considered the stronger vocalists in the group, and thus would probably be expected to have the most lines in a vocal-focused group. And overall, since all of the members seem to be fairly even when it comes to their area of focus (whether it be singing or rapping), the line distribution also would be expected to be relatively even between the members.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

However, while the overall line distribution varies a little based on which data you go by, there are trends among all of them that some fans don’t like.

“UNFORGIVEN” line distribution | The Qoo
| The Qoo

In each of four different line distribution calculations made by fans, Kazuha has quite a bit more lines than Chaewon, and Sakura has considerably fewer lines.

| The Qoo

The line distributions were shared on an online form, where Korean netizens had somewhat mixed opinions about the fairness of how the lines were split between the five LE SSERAFIM members.

| The Qoo
  • “Give kkura 5 seconds more”
  • “Sakura’s part is indeed little”
  • “They’re a five-member group but the part distribution is indeed annoying lol”
  • “Sakura’s akgaes will go crazy”
  • “Isn’t this okay though?”
  • “But the difference isn’t huge though…?”
  • “Even if they aren’t akgaes, isn’t it reasonable for them to be annoyed?”
  • “I think this level… Is pretty passable though…”
  • “Isn’t this okay though??”

When it came to international fan comments, though, opinions seem to lean much more heavily toward the lines being unfair.

How do you feel about how the lines are distributed among LE SSERAFIM’s members for their latest title track?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa


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