LE SSERAFIM Fans Express Distaste Over The Sexy Dance Moves In “Perfect Night” Due To Underage Member Eunchae

“The problem I have with this isn’t just the dance move, but the way they showed it…”

A couple of days ago, LE SSERAFIM released the music video for “Perfect Night”, a collaboration with video game Overwatch 2. The video was a mixture of the idols dancing and characters from the game, appealing to K-Pop fans and gamers alike.

While the music video and song have overall received positive reactions, though, there has been a bit of controversy over part of the choreography due to the group having underaged member Eunchae in their line-up.


Eunchae is the maknae of the group at 16 years old, and it’s not the first time their choreography has come under fire for including movements that some think are too sexy or suggestive for someone her age to be performing. It started with “FEARLESS”, when netizens expressed discomfort for the part of the dance where the members thrust against the floor. Thankfully, this part of the choreography was changed for live performances.

A move in their more recent title track “UNFORGIVEN” also earned criticism for how suggestive and even awkward it was for all of the members, not just Eunchae. It takes place around the 0:20 mark in their dance practice video.

The most recent “sexy” dance move happens a couple of times in the “Perfect Night” choreography. It’s more obvious in some of their live performances, and some of the outfits are more risqué than others, making the movement more suggestive than it might otherwise be.

It’s certainly not the most suggestive dance move that the group has done, but there are still plenty of people who think it’s inappropriate for a 16-year-old to be performing.

A Reddit post was created about the topic, with the author giving a pretty strong negative response to the move in question.

The post garnered a lot of attention, and most of the comments responding to OP are in agreement with them. Not only do they agree that this isn’t appropriate for Eunchae, but that this seems to be an ongoing pattern with LE SSERAFIM that they’re tired of seeing.

Not everyone agrees, however. There were some commenters who think that OP was overreacting to the dance, and that it doesn’t deserve the title of being considered a “controversy” compared to other suggestive dances in K-Pop.

How do you feel about this movement in “Perfect Night”, and about LE SSERAFIM’s dances overall?

Source: Reddit