LE SSERAFIM Gain Attention Online For An Unusual Dance Move Performed At Weverse Con Festival

It’s still very impressive!

On June 10, LE SSERAFIM performed alongside other K-Pop artists at the 2023 Weverse Con Festival at KSPO Dome in Seoul. Their setlist included all of their title tracks, as well as some of their popular B-sides such as “No Celestial” and “Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s Wife”.

While the members put on a phenomenal performance with their powerful dancing and impressive vocals, there was one moment that has some fans scratching their heads over due to the unconventional dance move!

Kazuha is known for her incredible strength and flexibility, and uses both to her advantage when it comes to performing difficult dance moves and making them look easy.

The “unconventional” move that she and Yunjin performed during “The Great Mermaid” was another example of her impressive skills, but the choice of how the two members interacted together has been getting mixed reactions.


During the song, Kazuha does her signature leg lift, but keeps her leg bent at the knee while Yunjin ducks in front of it briefly before going behind her again.

It makes for a somewhat awkward moment according to some, though it’s still amazing what Kazuha can do with her body. You can see the moment at around 1:30 in this video:

Some reactions are quite funny, and someone who made a post about the moment on an online forum commented that Yunjin appears like she’s leaving a restaurant immediately after checking that it was full.

Here’s how other Korean netizens have responded to the unusual dance move!

| Instiz
  • “Which song choreography is this? It’s weird…”
  • “It’s for the song “The Great Mermaid” and if you watch it at normal speed with the music it’s actually really cool!”
  • “What kind of choreography is that…”
  • “Lolol the OP comment is so funny”
  • “Ah lolol full crowd”
  • “Ah they have a leg split choreography for this too”
  • “Who is confirming their choreos? This is too much”
  • “Huh? This received a positive response on Instiz?”
  • “What’s too much? It’s been having a good response”

How do you feel about this unique moment in LE SSERAFIM’s choreography?

Source: Instiz