LE SSERAFIM Praised For Their Thoughtful Actions Towards HYBE Seniors TXT, fromis_9, NU’EST, And Lee Hyun

TXT was happy to receive their kindness.

On The Game Caterers 2 x HYBE special, LE SSERAFIM proved they were not only energetic rookies but juniors who treated their seniors with the utmost kindness.


After finishing the first game and taking their prizes to their respective tents, Huh Yunjin was mindful that every group didn’t get their hands on a watermelon. She suggested they “cut it and share it with everyone.

Once they sliced up a few pieces of the fruit, they started by delivering the plate to the most senior artists of the company. Sakura and Hong Eunchae served the watermelon to Baekho, Hwang Minhyun, and the legendary Lee Hyun. One of the former NU’EST members even gave Sakura a Korean melon in exchange.

The next group that didn’t have a watermelon was TXT. Their faces immediately brightened when Hong Eunchae delivered the fruit. They clapped as they thanked her for the treat.

The last group who needed the tasty snack was fromis_9. The girls were just as excited to receive the watermelon. Making their juniors smile, Jiheon said, “LE SSERAFIM is awesome.

Viewers gushed over LE SSERAFIM for being respectful to their seniors in the most thoughtful and adorable way. Some also pointed out that their kind act led to another because the groups shared their watermelon with their staff as well. Check out the rookie group spreading kindness to the HYBE family here.