LE SSERAFIM’s Garam Failed SOURCE MUSIC’s Audition The First Time—Here’s What Happened Next

“I didn’t make it in at first.”

LE SSERAFIM‘s Garam may be young, but she’s had big dreams for years. Like many peers her age, she aspired to be a K-Pop idol who could perform in front of many people, and she was able to make it a reality!


In an interview with Weverse Magazine, she shared her story, revealing that it was her dream to be an idol ever since she was in kindergarten. She had an introverted personality but opened up more when she was singing and dancing.

I wanted to be a singer ever since I was in kindergarten. I was really introverted when I was little, so I was way quieter than I am now, but I could feel my personality change a bit whenever I sang and danced. I sang in a school show in kindergarten and on a karaoke machine with my family when we went to a vacation home (laughs) and was outgoing and had a ton of fun instead of sitting around quietly, but only at times like those.

— Garam

In 2018, Garam’s friend invited her to go to an audition together. This was the turning point in her life. She resolved to make her dream come true, and the audition was her first step towards achieving it.

Then my friend asked me to go to an audition together one day, and I started to actually work toward becoming a singer, beginning with that audition in 2018.

— Garam

According to the young star, SOURCE MUSIC was the first company she auditioned for, but she unfortunately wasn’t accepted. In a surprising twist, two years down the line, she suddenly received a casting offer. She auditioned one more time and passed.

Interestingly enough, SOURCE MUSIC was the first label I auditioned for. I didn’t make it in at first, but I got a casting offer two years after that. (laughs) I passed after auditioning again and became a trainee for the first time.

— Garam

Garam went on to train for a year before officially joining the debut lineup of LE SSERAFIM. Given her many skills and young age, her future has never looked brighter!

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Source: Weverse Magazine