LE SSERAFIM’s Garam Was Asked About Her Pre-Debut Controversy, Here’s How She Responded

She responded to the question.

LE SSERAFIM recently made their debut with their first mini-album Fearless, and also held a showcase for their debut, where they performed their songs “Fearless” and “Blue Flame” for the first time.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

During their showcase, the members talked about making their debut together, their goals as a group, and more!

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While answering questions from reporters, member Garam was asked about her recent pre-debut controversy. Previously, when Source Music introduced Garam as a member, she was embroiled in a bullying controversy during her middle school days. Her agency released a statement shortly, denying the accusations, and promised strict legal action if the rumors persist.

Garam | Source Music

Chaewon first answered the question, saying that as their agency is still dealing with the issue, they’re unable to answer questions about the allegations right now.

We are still discussing and handling this issue with our company, so we are very cautious about talking about it right now. I think we will soon have another chance to talk about this.

— Chaewon


Garam also said that she cannot comment on it right now, but hopes to show a better version of herself to the public soon.

It is difficult for me to speak about it at the moment. I will strive to show my best side as part of LE SSERAFIM.

— Garam

Netizens expressed their discomfort at reporters asking Garam to comment on the issue, calling it “unprofessional,” and also commended Chaewon for standing up as a leader.

Check out their debut song “Fearless” here:

Source: The Korea Times