LE SSERAFIM’s Live Vocals From Their Past Performance Has Netizens Talking

What are your thoughts on LE SSERAFIM?

LE SSERAFIM is making a lot of noise for their live vocals, just months out from their debut.

The group’s debut Music Bank performance on May 27 is regaining attention and has gone viral among online communities. In a particular post that has been viewed over 85K times, the author wrote in the title, “LE SSERAFIM’s live performance is on par with a broadcast accident,” bemoaning the idol’s live vocals.

In the May 27 performance, the group’s live vocals can be heard clearly over the background music. The group’s breathing can also be heard loudly throughout the dance performance.

Although the post originally was to criticize the group, netizens stated they were amazed at how well the girls sang, given their rigorous dance routine. The netizens pointed out it wasn’t the group’s vocals that needed work, but the audio engineer, as their mic was heard picking up feedback and other background noise.

  • “For a live performance, they sang really well.”
  • “To be honest, I like these live performances better. It reminds me of the Wonder Girls in 2007. You can hear their accessories and stuff proving it is a live performance.”
  • “They are so good singing live!”
  • “They did really well considering it is their first live performance, and the song is hard to sing.”
  • “Even with their difficult choreography, you can hear them so well. It makes you focus even more.”
  • “They sang really well considering they were dancing. The title (to the post) is clickbait.”
  • “Something is wrong with the audio, though. You can hear the wind and stuff as if it was an outside performance. With that said, they did really well.”

Take a listen for yourself in the link below! How do you think the girls did?

Source: Theqoo