LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s New Concept Photos Sparks Divided Reactions Over Alleged Cultural Appropriation

Is it really cultural appropriation?

New concept photos have dropped for LE SSERAFIM 3rd Mini Album EASY, and Huh Yunjin‘s styling has sparked mixed reactions.

SOURCE MUSIC shared the “BALMY FLEX” concept photos. Yunjin is featured wearing a crop top, pink shorts, and a large green fur coat. Yet, her accessories sparked mixed reactions.


Netizens praised Yunjin’s beauty in the concept photos. Most of the comment section was positive.

Yet, a couple of fans raised their concerns. They questioned if Yunjin was wearing a drug.

Historically, Durags were created as a protective tool for Black men to protect textured hair from damage and maintain hairstyles and curl patterns. The history of the durag can be traced back to the head wraps worn by Black American slaves, which society viewed as “signs of poverty and subordination.” In the 1990s, the Black community reclaimed durags as a symbol of pride and empowerment. So, it is considered cultural appropriation for non-Black people to wear durags as an accessory.

Rihanna in durag

Yunin was actually not wearing a durag. Fans came to her defense, pointing out that it was a Louis Vuitton scarf.

Still, netizens weren’t happy. It appeared intentional that the stylist tied Yunjin’s scarf in a way that resembled a durag.

What do you think?