Controversy Erupts After HYBE Announces LE SSERAFIM Ticket Prices

“Seriously, HYBE…”

HYBE is receiving criticism over the price of LE SSERAFIM‘s tour.


Previously it was reported that K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM would be holding their tour FLAME RISES. Fans were excited to learn that the tour will start in Seoul on August 12 and continue to Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

LE SSERAFIM Announces Dates For First Tour “FLAME RISES”

On July 3, HYBE announced the tour’s ticket prices. According to the announcement, tickets for the Seoul leg of the tour start at ₩154,000 KRW (about $117 USD), with VIP packages costing ₩198,000 KRW (about $150 USD).


Unfortunately, the announcement did not receive the reception the label was hoping for.

“Wow, they are going to have a fire show at the LE SSERAFIM concert. They must be holding a circus performance with pandas. If not, why the hell are tickets so expensive?

Many netizens complained about the prices while criticizing HYBE. Many compared HYBE to Korean chicken franchise, Kyochon, which received national condemnation for its recent price increase.

  • “The price is crazy. How are (LE SSERAFIM) tickets as expensive as BTS’s?”
  • “I think HYBE has gone crazy.”
  • “HYBE is the entertainment industry’s Kyochon Chicken… HYBE, you f@ckers.”
  • “HYBE’s form is crazy (bad).”
  • “Wow, the tickets are expensive AF.”
  • “Seriously, HYBE…”
  • “Are the prices crazy or what?”
  • “They really are the entertainment industry’s Kyochon Chicken. I knew this would happen. Now, other labels are going to raise their prices accordingly.”
  • “LOL. Do they even possess the live skills to sell out a concert?”
  • “I was going to go, but now I am not… It’s too expensive.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo