LE SSERAFIM And ITZY “Swap” Outfits At “K Global Heart Dream Awards 2022” — And Fans Hilariously Question The Stylists’ Intention

“Their stylists have been spending too much time together…”

LE SSERAFIM attended their first red carpet event looking like actual queens. The line-up at the event included ITZY, and fans couldn’t help but notice something familiar about the look each group served.



They attended the K Global Heart Dream Awards 2022 along with other groups such as TXT (or TOMORROW X TOGETHER) and NCT DREAM. And as expected, both LE SSERAFIM and ITZY came ready to shock fans with their unreal visuals.

ITZY’s Yeji

They also proved themselves as leaders of their generation by winning big. ITZY came away with the “Best Music Award” while LE SSERAFIM achieved the “K Global Super Rookie Award.

As the members walked the red carpet, they all received plenty of attention for their visuals. But perhaps even more so for their apparent “concept-swap.” Looking at the outfits they were styled in, netizens noticed that the groups looked as if they were dressed in each other’s concepts. ITZY were dressed in gorgeous black outfits…

…which look rather like LE SSERAFIM’s stage fits for “FEARLESS.”

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM arrived on the red carpet wearing the cutest dresses…with sneakers!

And ITZY’s latest comeback is, of course, “SNEAKERS.”

ITZY in “SNEAKERS” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Given the funny coincidence that they fit each others’ concepts so well, many fans hilariously questioned if this is a hint for a potential collaboration or cover…

While others joked that perhaps the girls’ stylists spent a little too much time together.

But whether was intentional or not, it certainly looks as if they had swapped outfits!

In the end, if there’s anything this amusing coincidence has proven, it’s that they are all able to pull off any concept!