LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Gets Candid About “Appearing Out Of Nowhere” Pre-Debut And How Her Members Reacted The First Time They Met

Here’s what happened.

Weverse Magazine released their third interview with a LE SSERAFIM member and it was with none other than Kazuha.


She had a lot to say when asked about the first time she ever met the girls she would be debuting with. This once in a lifetime event was actually captured on camera and aired in the first episode of the group’s pre-debut documentary, The World Is My Oyster. Fans saw her greeting Sakura, Yunjin, and Chaewon through a video call from her room in the Netherlands where she had been training as a ballerina.

Kazuha Pre-Debut

Several months since then, she opened up about how she felt more nervous than what was aired and how it was “so awkward” to watch this scene.

I couldn’t really speak Korean back then, so I wrote a little something about myself ahead of time and read that to them. But my main goal was to do a good job reading that and show them all how I was feeling so I was completely distracted.

— Kazuha

Despite not training formally, she was still put in the debut team of LE SSERAFIM. This made her worried about what the trio would think of her given their own extensive backgrounds as K-Pop trainees and idols. They were also training together for a few months before she came into the picture without much warning.

They had been training so hard for so long and then I just appeared out of nowhere. I was being a bit cautious because I realized they might feel awkward about me being there and have other complicated feelings about me.

— Kazuha

It turned out that Kazuha had nothing to worry about. All of them—including Eunchae later on—were always welcoming. Even if she could not communicate with them well, they “never stopped treating” her with kindness.

The other members were so nice and sweet to me right away, but back then I wasn’t good at Korean and didn’t feel brave enough to speak up so it wasn’t really possible to become close at first. But once I eventually lowered my guard, I got to be really comfortable with them. They never stopped treating me well and I guess I really learned to lower my guard down for myself.

— Kazuha

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the clip of their first meeting below!

Source: Weverse Magazine


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