LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Grew Close To Her Fellow Members In Record Time Despite The Language Barrier, And It’s All Because Of Something They Did

They’re the best members!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha was the third member to be interviewed by Weverse Magazine. She opened up about a variety of topics ranging from her recent birthday celebration to her motivation to become a K-Pop idol. She also talked about the hardships she faced when she first made the move from the Netherlands to South Korea.


Because she was a Japanese native who grew up taking ballerina lessons instead of training to be a K-Pop idol, she was the odd one out among the final list of LE SSERAFIM members. She did not speak the language and she had no prior connections to anyone in the company. Unlike Sakura, Chaewon, and Yunjin, Kazuha had to start from scratch when making friends.

The interviewer noted that it did not seem to take her long to do so: “It hasn’t even been a year since you first met the others. How did you grow so close so quickly?”

The singer in question first admitted that she had a difficult start. The documentary of the group that aired prior to their ANTIFRAGILE comeback, The World Is My Oyster, showed just how nervous she was when meeting them through video chat for the first time.

I actually really had to work up my courage to talk to them at first.

— Kazuha

Luckily, the discomfort she felt around them disappeared the longer they talked to each other. It helped that they were busy preparing for their debut which was just around the corner.

But ever since we debuted, the awkwardness and fear around speaking mostly disappeared.

— Kazuha

It was all thanks to their openness and tendency to not judge others that helped them grow closer in only a few months. All of them made sure to include Kazuha in whatever they were doing and to try to understand her views.

I think it’s easy to talk with them because they listen to me and understand my feelings no matter what I say.

— Kazuha

Most of all, Sakura, Chaewon, Yunjin, and Eunchae never make fun of her. As a key example, even if she mispronounces a Korean word or uses the wrong one, they do not make her feel bad. This always helps Kazuha feel free to open up to them, make mistakes, and be herself.

Even if I make a mistake when I’m talking during one of our video shoots, the other members just turn it into something funny. They don’t make fun of me or anything—they keep the mood light and lovely, and I’m really grateful to them for that.

— Kazuha

Now, they’re as close as can be!

Source: Weverse Magazine and YouTube


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