LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Reflects On The Doubts She Faced When First Appearing On Variety Shows

It wasn’t always easy.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha is new to the entertainment industry. Unlike most K-Pop idols, she envisioned herself in a completely different career path for most of her life. She shifted from being a ballerina to a K-Pop idol after being scouted by Source Music, thus having a short trainee period.


Within just a year, she had to learn the ins-and-outs of the K-Pop world: the language, dance style, and even humor. She recently talked to Weverse Magazine about her initial fears regarding the latter.

She revealed that she doubted herself greatly when it came to being entertaining. She learned how to be funny on variety shows slowly but surely from her members. Kazuha depended greatly on them, especially fellow Japanese member Sakura.

I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it slowly. The other members are really funny and so sometimes I learned, thinking ‘that’s how you can make things funny.’ I learned how to be funny in Korean on camera from Kkura—like pretending you don’t know something.

— Kazuha

She reminisced on her first variety show experience which was on the TV program Idol Human Theater. The group filmed it a week before their debut in 2022. Though Kazuha was noticeably cautious when speaking as she was not fluent in Korean, she was still able to elicit laughter from her groupmates.

The first variety show we were on before we debuted was Idol Human Theater and it made me think we were really bad on variety shows. Even while we were filming it we had doubts whether we were doing it right but as soon as I saw it I realized we were kind of funny.

— Kazuha

Fast forward a few months later and Kazuha has even gone viral for her funny personality. She made the internet laugh when she seriously answered the question, “Do people have one butt or two butts?” 

Thanks to her quick improvement in speaking Korean, her naturally lively personality started to reflect better on variety shows.

I used to not be able to talk even when I had something to say and I had a really hard time understanding what anybody was saying, but I’m having a lot more fun these days now that my Korean’s getting better.

— Kazuha

Source: Weverse Magazine
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