LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Dishes On Why Her Parts In “UNFORGIVEN” Are Actually Way Harder Than They Look

She makes it look easy!

LE SSERAFIM makes everything about their latest track “UNFORGIVEN” look like a breeze, but makes no mistake—it’s far from easy! Kazuha confirmed this in a recent interview with Weverse Magazine.


In it, she was praised for her impressive facial expressions during the choreography, which the interviewer said she “went above and beyond” for.

Speaking of expressing things your own way, I was really impressed with the facial expressions you use in “UNFORGIVEN” (feat. Nile Rodgers). You went above and beyond and added your own interpretation.

— Weverse Magazine

Kazuha was happy to hear that, explaining that she doesn’t think she’s very skilled at showcasing her facial expressions. She’s had to work hard at the task, with the three title tracks they’ve released so far each requiring different expressions.

For “FEARLESS,” she needed to act pretty, while in “ANTIFRAGILE,” she needed to act cool. With the latter, she had a particularly difficult time becoming comfortable sticking her tongue out.

I’m really happy to hear you say that. (laughs) The most challenging thing for me is facial expressions because I’m not as good at showcasing facial expressions as I thought. I always tried to look as pretty as possible for ‘FEARLESS,’ and in ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ I had to stick out my tongue, which was really embarrassing at first (laughs) but I got used to it.

— Kazuha

“UNFORGIVEN,” meanwhile, requires that she acts like her authentic self. She used the stand-out part in the song where she crawls on the ground as an example.

When she’s crawling, she tries to look sad and tired, but the moment she stands and sings the line “target taboos,” she makes a strong and determined face.

And for her “Watch me now” line, she smirks confidently. These are the expressions that she has been working on the most.

For ‘UNFORGIVEN,’ I thought it was important I look like the real me, so I practiced that. For the part where I’m crawling, I was going for a sad, tired girl in the rain at first, then when it goes, ‘target taboos,’ I made a strong, determined face, and for the ‘watch me now’ part I did a sort of twisted, confident smirk. The performance director told me I should switch between those three expressions and I did my best to make it work.

— Kazuha

But it’s no easy task! The Japanese singer explained that it’s hard to think about everything from the expressions to the dance simultaneously, especially because “UNFORGIVEN” is such a fast song. She practiced it at 0.7x speed then worked her way from there. Now she performs as if it had never been a problem for her!

It’s actually a really fast song and it’s frazzling thinking about the movements, facial expressions, all the feedback—so I practiced it at 0.7x speed first and then went from there.

— Kazuha

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