Fans Divided Over LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon’s “Revealing” Outfit In Her New Concept Photos

Many are concerned for her.

HYBE‘s upcoming girl group, LE SSERAFIM, recently dropped their concept photos for their first album, FEARLESS. The girls donned stunning black racer outfits and posed with cars that stood out in contrast to their all-black clothing. They rocked the asphalt with their chic charms.


While fans were thrilled to get more glimpses of the girls, some were concerned over the outfits some of the girls had on. In particular, it was pointed out that Kim Chaewon was given clothing with strategically placed mesh panels that were “too revealing for comfort”. They made sure to praise Kim Chaewon’s beauty and professional model poses…

Kim Chaewon. | HYBE

…but were shocked to see the full body shot where the bodysuit showed a little skin at the torso and pelvic area.

Kim Chaewon. | HYBE

Netizens were divided over the matter. Some praised her beauty and blamed others for kicking up a fuss, while the stylist and management also faced backlash over sexualizing the girls.

Netizens are divided over the matter. | theqoo
  • “As soon as I saw it, I only thought she was pretty. Isn’t it just that the ones leaving weird comments see it based on those [weird] levels of their own? Just what is the problem with today’s photos?”
  • “No, but what’s up with her clothes…”
  • “Why are they like that to a pretty kid… They have no sense.”
  • “It doesn’t suit her well. They ought to think about the current fans’ needs.”
  • “Those people who are nitpicking are really something.”
  • “She really has charm. It’s fun to look at her photos.”
  • “She’s pretty in a unique way.”
Netizens are divided over the matter. | theqoo
  • “Gasp… It would be pretty without those cut-outs.”
  • “So those were cut-outs… I just thought it was a print.”
  • “Come back…”
  • “Ah she looks like Durarara (anime).”
  • “It looks like a photoshoot for a mens’ magazine.”
  • “She just doesn’t suit it. What is HYBE thinking?”

The matter of the management team “sexualizing” LE SSERAFIM has been raised as a concern ever since the video teaser. Previously, a video teaser with the girls posing in front of a panel during an audition rubbed the public the wrong way. Some thought that it perpetuated the concept of couch casting and more. They were even more concerned as LE SSERAFIM consists of minors and adult members.

Even so, fans can’t help but look forward to the girls’ debut. With such issue-making power even before their official launch, it is a testament to their future potential and star power. They will be making their debut on May 2, 2022, with FEARLESS.

Source: theqoo